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Join the Move Without Pain 6 Day Challenge!

This special 6-day challenge walks you step by step through strategies that effectively impact pain, health, and the aging process.

Day 1: Assess your pain score, your risk of degenerative disease AND learn how to find your pain culprits. First workout taught to begin resolving pain.

Day 2: Three ways food promotes pain in your body, the most common food that promotes pain, AND how to fight back.

Day 3: Four basic human movement truths, how your power source protects your knees, back, shoulders, and neck, and much more. Second workout to train and restore function effectively.

Day 4: Why common treatments for pain often fail and what is effective to resolve pain.

Day 5: The 3 common culprit areas of your body that lead to pain AND the need for disposable underwear.

Day 6: Rebalance your body to eliminate compensation that leads to pain AND how your core and hips can lead to urinary incontinence. More resources. Prizes awarded!

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