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“In 2011 I was plagued with UTI’s; I was on antibiotics 7 times that year. I also began suffering from bladder spasms. I wasn’t always in pain but I was always uncomfortable and uncertain as to when the next wave of spasms would hit. The anxiety only made my symptoms worse. I saw a specialist who gave me a possible Interstitial Cystitis diagnosis but no help. I was still nursing so medications were not an option. A friend directed me to Eileen. For the first time I had hope. She taught me how to nourish my body and correct the years of damage I had done. She gave me the tools and resources to reclaim my life and live again. Following Eileen’s guidelines resulted in immediate weight loss. I went from a size 14 to a 6 in a few months. I no longer suffer from bladder spasms or UTI’s. I feel so much better. My husband has also lost weight and no longer takes medication for high cholesterol, asthma, or acid reflux.”
Health Restored 

Despite Eileen’s busy schedule and countless patients she sees, she was always present and focused in our sessions and made us feel like the only ones. She was so attentive and always thorough. Her bedside manner was impeccable. Eileen was so relatable and sincere with her delivery of instruction. We felt cared for and cared about at all times. Very flexible with scheduling. My daughter had a challenging training schedule but whe always worked her in somehow each week.

15 year old soccer player with no more knee pain

I came alive again. I didn’t realize I was so far gone with balance until assessed. I can lay on bed now without pain and hammertoes are improved. Eileen was patient, provided clear instructions and stayed with me until I could get it. She is a reassuring and amazing teacher; not cookie cutter as the program was tailored to me and my situation.

 77 year old woman with arthritis (six week program)

I wanted to learn how to do the MELT Method and being shown and walked through it made it possible. I was taught to fish so I can fix myself and Eileen tweaked the program to work around my issues, provided audios and handouts for clear instructions to follow. She worked around my personal schedule. The top thing: new hope due to more movement and mobility in joints, nerves, back, etc. Everything is warmed up and working again.

70 year old female with RA for 30 years (six week program)

Loved learning the bigger picture and how the body works as a whole, the concept of how the body works better together. Eileen did not focus on one part. She provided a gradual easing of things starting with day one and moving forward and I never felt overwhelmed. Eileen provided a perfect pace for me.

Woman S/P knee meniscus surgery (six week program)

I have experienced lower back pain for my entire life. I have seen orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist…all of them. In addition, I have tried everything including yoga, massage, etc. During this whole time, I was told that my issue was due to a stage two spondylolisthesis issue that I have. Well, I then was introduced to Eileen by my wife. Almost instantaneously, Eileen ruled out the spondylolisthesis as the cause of my pain. She said a stage 1-2 is not that uncommon and should not be causing such acute pain. After a few sessions, she had targeted my issue to an SI joint/hip muscle issue. She created a workout routine for me based on her findings. Well, I am here to attest that I wish I had found her twenty years ago. I now am without pain. This has allowed me to stand for longer periods of time, walk further than I am used to, play golf without pain. In general, it has truly changed my life. Now then, I want to set realistic expectations as well. You must keep up with the exercises or, I find, the pain rears its ugly head again. I am content with that as my alternative was surgery (that most likely would not have rectified the core issue) or pain. So, I am staying consistent with my routine, so I can live without the daily throbbing in my lower back.
Benefits of working with Eileen
1. Lifestyle improvement as mentioned before
2. Had a knee pain occur, met with Eileen, literally went away by end of session. In other words, Eileen is an invaluable resource for not only your primary ailment but for anything additional that crops up.
3. Eileen does not speak about things she is not totally well-versed in. She also does not set unrealistic expectations. In the end, there is no miracle cure for the human body. It takes work including fitness, diet and mental health to stay healthy. Those looking for the quick workaround will, first of all, never find it and, secondly, not find it with Eileen. I like her honest approach to this concept.

Tom, a very appreciative client (six week program)

(48 year old male with long history of back pain)

I was taught how to take care of myself and not depend on others for constant treatment. I learned how to look at the whole body and not just shoulder and neck. I was given hope; I felt stuck and thought the only way was having more procedures (ablations) and finally spinal surgery would be my future. I am now able to go grocery shopping with no pain from pushing the cart.

30 year old female with neck injury from a car accident (six week program)

I loved learning key things needed to help my body and where to focus. I feel much stronger and have a lot more stability and balance. I was very surprised the exercises were not hard to do at all. That was the biggest surprise of all. I feel like I got my money’s worth for sure.

56 year old female with shoulder/knee pain and overall difficulty with mobility (six week program)

I achieved improved balance and I am walking better and turning better. I also have decreased muscle pain overall. 

68 year old female with knee pain and balance deficits with great difficulty walking (six week program)

Eileen had so much patience during the first session and hung in there until progress/relief occurred. I was ready to write the check. It seemed too soon for the roller work but that may have been my positioning and straightened legs instead of how I was instructed. I was stalled out and miserable for ~2 weeks. I understand better how the problem occurred overall with all the circumstances involved: work postures, habits. Two thumbs up. I am now pain free and know how to address pain if and when it happens. 

60 year old male with severe onset of acute back pain (six week program)


“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful time we had last night both in eating & learning about sprouting. I started soaking the seeds. You are the epitome of health and well-being with your energy. We appreciate and thank you very much for all your hard work in putting the class together.”
Sprout Workshop Attendee
Happy Class Participant

“It has been many weeks since my last treatment and I wanted to let you know I am enjoying a very physically active spring/summer. Hiking and biking I have no limits with my hip. The discomfort I have on occasion is minuscule compared to what I had and that seems to creep in when I don’t perform the “melt” or stretch programs you prescribed. (feel so good I skip them sometimes) Hard to believe how limited I was before treatment! Really didn’t expect this much improvement based on the diagnosis of moderate arthritis and the comment “when it becomes so bad it limits your lifestyle a hip replacement is warranted.” Again, thank you very much and I really appreciate having access to the knowledge/skills you have. 
Active Lifestyle Restored

“Great class Eileen! I learned so much and loved the food! This class gave me the tools and motivation to change my lifestyle…Thanks for having such a positive impact on me and my family’s life!”
Nutrition Class Participant

“I found that I liked foods I never used to like. I thoroughly enjoyed this class.”
Nutrition Class Participant

“Eileen is a master of whole body makeover. The combination of manual therapy, MELT therapy, and nutritional education and within 2 weeks of beginning working with her I felt like I was in a different (and better) body. I followed her instructions and I am so happy with the results! Just keeps getting better. Thank you, Eileen!”
Happy Consult

“In 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, this led to a bi-lateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and a year of breast reconstruction surgeries. After the chemo, I started to have thyroid issues and heart problems, also I gained about 50 lbs. I was very concerned about my health and I did not ever want my cancer to return. Then I met Eileen, and we got talking about nutrition and what you can eat to prevent disease and cancer. The thoughts that she shared with me made a lot of sense….none of my doctors had even mentioned nutrition and how important it is in preventing cancer. I have a strong family history of cancer, it has devastated my grandmother, my uncle, my mother, my brother and now me. At least now I have the knowledge and the tools that I need to fight back, and hopefullly be around a lot longer for my family.”
Karen St.Germain
Nutrition Class Participant

“I saw Eileen for treatment of SI joint pain that I had for many years. She did a muscle energy treatment and the pain went away instantly. I said, “This pain is going to return as soon as I leave the office.” She said, “We’ll see” 6 months later and I am pain free. Thank you, Eileen.”
Diane Ryan

“Eileen, Thank you very much for providing such great information. The class was truly a joy to participate in due to your enthusiasm, friendliness, and tremendous knowledge on the subject. The information provided is greatly needed in todays fast, processed, hurry up food culture we live in. I couldn’t recommend this enough to others.”

“I attended Eileen’s classes in March. The classes were filled with great information, good food and information I needed to help further my health. I have suffered from acid reflux and followed a careful food combination diet to keep my stomach in alkaline as much as possible. In her classes I found more ways and more food to eliminate to further greater health for me.”
Lolita Sanders