Everything is connected to everything else!

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Learn good things from an expert who teaches people how to eliminate pain, regain health, and return to doing the things they love to do every day. This class focuses on improving, restoring, and/or maintaining functional pain-free motion in your body so you can age well, excel in your favorite sport, or recover from chronic pain or injury.

Each class is recorded for 24/7 access on the private members-only site. It is based on the Move Without Pain program which teaches how your body is designed to move as well as where problem areas love to live that lead to chronic pain and limited movement or loss of strength. Each private club class provides a truth about movement, detailed instruction in movement as well as how to modify motions for painful or limited issues, a health/pain tip of the week, and Q & A. If you are an active member and have questions you would like answered, email them to me at ek@havelifelongwellbeing.com.

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  • Annual Membership @ $297 is only $5.71/class.
  • Monthly Membership @ $27/month is just $6.23/class.

The problems this class solves?

  • knowing the right things to do to get results
  • provides expert weekly guidance to promote consistent effort
  • 24/7 access to review, practice, and master the movements
  • get your questions answered from an experienced professional

There is no obligation to view the first class. You will learn about:

  • 3 plane motion
  • Mobility and stability
  • How everything is connected to everything else
  • 3 main areas in your body, if lacking mobility or stability, that can lead to chronic pain

The movements you will learn in the first class are:

  • Warm-up with square stance matrix
  • Calf stretch matrix
  • Hip stretch matrix
  • Posterior squats XX
  • Foot slides
  • Cross arm squats
  • Basic step matrix

You will feel fabulous after performing these movements!

If you believe this class will be of benefit to you and your goals, you have two options to join the club, monthly or annually.




Got back, shoulder, hip, or knee pain? Tried pain meds, heat, ice, massage, stretching, physical therapy, injections, even surgery and still suffer from pain? Want a healthy back or shoulders, or hips, or knees? Learn the facts behind treatments that work without pills or surgery from an expert who has trained in multiple techniques for over twenty years that effectively resolve pain.

There are many tests performed to diagnose pain and many of them are inaccurate and miss the most important reason you have pain. Are you aware that steroid injections have a long list of harmful side effects and they may cause your shoulder/hip/knee to become damaged even more? Or that steroid injections to the spine are not FDA approved because of the risks of harm? Steroid injections to the spine are “off-label” use.

Benefit from knowing there are many things you can do to resolve your pain and get your life back. Learn the most common causes of pain that are rarely assessed by healthcare professionals. Being an informed consumer helps you to make better decisions and achieve improved outcomes. The Facts Behind Pain Video series will empower you to be informed.

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