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Got Pain? 3 Potential Reasons Why

spine-back-pain-1Pain may be due to joints not moving correctly due to misalignment or imbalance in the muscles that move the joint. If you have been in an accident or had an injury your body may have trouble restoring function on its own. Manual techniques can be very effective in improving joint motion and function. A few of the techniques I use include Muscle Energy, Counterstrain, Mobilization with Movement, and Myofascial Release.

Many times your painful area is not the reason you have pain, it is the "victim." The #1 reason your pain may not be going away is that you are only treating the symptoms and not finding the reason it is there. I look at your entire body to determine the true cause of your pain and address the area responsible for the pain. I do not see a body part walk through the door, I see a whole body. Results are often seen quickly and you may realize pain-free motion in just a few treatments.

You can also receive a thorough 3 plane assessment in the comfort of your own home using zoom. You will then be taught how to achieve and maintain pain-free motion (in a six week or twelve-week program) using Move Without Pain and other very effective self-care methods for lifelong wellbeing. The Move Without Pain Program is also available to purchase and use independently. The ALL NEW Move Without Pain Private Club was created to provide an effective and affordable alternative to learning movement truths and training your body in 3 plane motion to restore pain-free function.  Contact me for more information or to schedule a consultation. Addressing the root cause of your pain is the key to success.

melt-fasciaPain may be due to dehydrated and damaged connective tissue. Your connective tissue is the most abundant tissue in your body. It has more nerves in it than your brain. This system is what holds your posture in place (good or bad) and keeps you balanced when upright. It is what stabilizes you during movement!

It is an amazing system you may want to learn more about. This tissue covers your bones, nerves, blood vessels, organs, brain, spinal cord, and more all the way down to the cellular level. When this system is not functioning in an efficient way you will experience pain in certain positions or postures (like sitting or standing) as well as pain with certain movements (like bending over or reaching up).

This system is your communication system. It tells your brain where you are in space and then your brain directs your movements. When you think about walking across the room to pick up the laundry basket your brain doesn't tell you there are body parts it doesn't hear from. Your brain simply tells the parts it does hear from what to do. This creates compensations that lead to chronic pain. Don't you think it's important to improve that communication so your brain can direct ALL your body parts in an efficient and pain-free manner?

There is a powerful self-treatment, called The MELT Method, that directly affects this system to eliminate your pain. You will see results in just the first treatment. It is easy to learn, fun to do, and one of the most effective things I have seen to relieve chronic pain in over 25 years of practice. Contact me for more information, to schedule a consultation that can be done long-distance using zoom, or to sign up for a class at Hudson Valley Community College. You will be very pleased with the result!

inflammation_onPain may be due to chronic inflammation which occurs when your body reacts to certain foods. You may be very surprised to learn which foods are responsible for this painful issue which can lead to all the "itis" conditions as well as chronic pain. There is a substance in certain foods, called arachidonic. When this substance is in excess in your body it will trigger your immune system leading to chronic inflammation and pain. Eliminating (or severely limiting) these foods can radically improve chronic pain symptoms in as little as one week!

There are foods that negatively impact your circulation and, when this happens, pain is one of the most common symptoms. Did you know that chronic back pain is also a common result of impaired circulation? The blood supply to your spine provides oxygen and nutrients to your vertebrae and discs. When this is impaired by foods you consume the results are Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, deep hip pain, and more.

The good news is that it is never too late to turn things around! You can reverse many of the ailments you may be suffering from and enjoy lifelong wellbeing. You just need to know what to do. I teach Nourish Away Pain for Life classes at HVCC and the attendees who apply what they learn report their pain is much improved in just one week! Contact me for more information, to schedule a comprehensive health consultation, or to sign up for my Nourish Away Pain for Life Series at HVCC. This education is also available to purchase online so you can be empowered with accurate facts that will restore your body to good health.