Everything is connected to everything else!

Pain Resolution!

An Effective 4 Prong Approach to Erase Pain from Your Life

Being able to exercise, or take a walk, or pick up a child, or sleep through the night can all be pain free activities. You just need to know the right things to do to stop the pain.


  1. Nourish Away Pain with Dietary ExcellenceTM
  2. Re-Establish Functional Movement with Move Without Pain
  3. Restore Neurofascial Efficiency with The MELT MethodTM
  4. Regain Whole Body Symmetry with Total Motion ReleaseTM


What you put in your mouth either promotes or fights chronic pain and inflammation. There are no neutral foods (or beverages). You do not have to be perfect but the totality of how you nourish your body will directly influence your overall health AND the pain you experience. I have seen so many people report, as their first side effect of changing the way they nourish their body, that their pain goes away or radically decreases. Joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, elbow pain, whole body pain, etc.; all can be profoundly affected by food. Promoting inflammation in your body via excess arachidonic acid, high fat foods, dairy foods, insufficient fiber, insufficient antioxidants/nutrients (artificial supplements don’t work to replace whole plant foods), and insufficient hydration will inhibit you from reaching a pain-free state. The best part is that these changes can lead to feeling a difference in as little as one week. Learn how to fight pain with food!


Your body is designed to move in 3 planes of motion. If you lack mobility and/or stability in one or more of these planes your body compensates, and this can lead to chronic pain that does not resolve. Isolating joints or muscles WILL NOT address the root cause of pain. Exercising, stretching, heating, icing, injecting, cupping, dry needling, etc. the painful body part will NOT re-establish functional motion in the area that is likely causing the problem. Did you know that decreased mobility and/or stability in the ankle can cause a shoulder issue for baseball pitchers or golfers or tennis players? Or that your knee is rarely the problem? Your knees are fairly simple hinge joints (like a door) and they are at the mercy of your hips and ankles. If you are only treating your knees, you may be missing the cause of your problem, leading to potential surgery that still doesn’t fix the root cause of your problem.

Are you aware that functional hip internal rotation is necessary for proper shoulder motion? Working your shoulder will not resolve a hip limitation. Full hip function is also required to have a healthy pelvic floor and prevent the need for disposable underwear in your future. MWP works by resolving limitations in mobility and stability that are the cause of your pain. When a major joint is limited in one or more of these planes, chronic pain and an inflamed or injured joint structure is often the result. Your core is not just your abs, but is actually from your nose to your toes. Every movement you make creates a chain reaction in your body that requires a stable core and mobile joints. Everything is connected to everything else. Discover how your body really works and get all those wonderful muscles and joints working in unison the way they were designed to function; without pain.


If your body is not reporting to your brain where you are in space, your brain cannot direct your movements in an efficient way. This inefficiency creates a great deal of stress on your body both when moving and being still. If you cannot lay on your back without pain, if you have balance issues, if you have poor posture; this system is functioning in an inefficient manner. MELT works to address all these issues and more by restoring critical communication between your body parts and your nervous system. If the bottom of your feet are not telling your brain how they are contacting the floor; how can your brain, effectively and efficiently, tell you how to walk or keep your balance during physical tasks? If your hands are not telling your brain exactly what you are holding or lifting (which decreases grip strength); how can your brain direct your body to move correctly to avoid injury to your shoulders or neck or back? If your body thinks crooked is normal, how can your brain direct your muscles to perform correctly for pain-free movement?

If you look in the mirror and one shoulder or hip is higher than the other or you are rotated in one direction, your brain thinks this is normal and your muscles and joints will be forced to compensate in some way; leading to chronic pain. Your neurofascial system is the stabilizing system of your body and it must be addressed by safe stimulus to effectively resolve compression, dehydration, restrictions, and imbalances that lead to chronic pain. You don’t really have over 600 muscles. You have one muscle surrounded by ~640 compartments of fascia. This system is what communicates your movements and body positions. Learn how to repair and restore this system and improve posture, balance, grip, stability, and pain.


This method can quickly reduce any pain or injury using simple motions in a way that addresses imbalances in your body that keep you from healing or resolving stubborn pain. When major body parts have very different levels of function from side to side your body can become very protective which often leads to pain and/or limited motion. Your body will also be compensating to accomplish every single motion you perform throughout the day. Those body parts that are compensating will eventually start complaining since they are forced to do a job they weren’t designed to do. This can lead to some serious pain over time just from living life OR these imbalances can keep you from recovering from an injury or surgery. If, when turning your body, you experience pain or tension to one side but not the other this will create pain over time. If you have more strength or stability in one leg than the other this will create pain somewhere in your body. You cannot have pain-free motion when one side functions better than the other anywhere in your body. Once the Total Motion Release System is learned, you have a pain and injury relief tool to use for the rest of your life!