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24/7 Access to ALL content upon joining the club. The Move Without Pain Private Club is located at MWPPrivateClub.com 

Learn good things from an expert who teaches people how to eliminate pain, regain health, and return to doing the things they love to do every day. This class focuses on improving, restoring, and/or maintaining functional pain-free motion in your body so you can age well, excel in your favorite sport, or recover from chronic pain or injury.

All classes are always available 24/7 once posted on the private members-only site. The club is based on the Move Without Pain program which teaches how your body is designed to move as well as where problem areas love to live that lead to chronic pain and limited movement or loss of strength. Each private club class provides a specific truth about movement, detailed instruction in movements that physically teach that truth, as well as how to modify motions for painful or limited issues. There is also a health/pain tip of the week, and Q & A so you can get your questions answered.

Here are just a few comments from people about the class.

  • My friend and I have been doing the exercises almost every morning at 7am ET since the Monday after the launch! We have begun to experience being pain-free for hours at a time!  My friend was being threatened with knee replacement surgery… she has decided against it (she was in so much pain that she didn’t want to do it but had to at least think about it!) so we owe you since you have saved her thousands of dollars and weeks of attempting to heal!
  • I did the class you offered yesterday, and it really affected my left hip/leg in a very helpful and profound way!!  My left great toe has been in its correct position all day today instead of pointing toward my other toes like usual.  That’s pretty amazing!  
  • I got out of the car 2 Sundays ago, and was half way across the parking lot before I realized that I was not in pain, and that I had not done my obligatory stretches after getting out of the car! This Move Without Pain is for Real… thank you for all that you do!
  • I had some neck pain from martial arts and after doing the class it was much better!
  • I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on stabilizing my hips and strengthening my back and minimizing the pain. I awoke with no pain today!
  • After one week: I’m feeling better! About 30percent less pain and able to sleep a couple hours without waking. Thank you!
  • I have tried to “push it” expecting a great outcome only to go back to step one, once a day. It’s amazing how listening to the teacher and following instructions is much more effective than doing it my way.
  • Just wanted to let you know that I am doing week 4 of your program and my pain is diminished by at least 60%. I am so excited! I went for my walk today and 45 minutes was not a problem. The best I have been able to do since August is 30 minutes. (written May) Ahh, what a relief. Thank you!
  • I am cutting hair 8 to 12 hours a day to catchup. I have also been working in my yard (big yard) harder than I have in over 20 years! Being part of the private club has FAR exceeded my expectations. I am truly amazed. I will be 69 next month and I am able to outwork most 40 year olds! Two months ago I was just another elder in pain and decline….not now! Thank you so much. PS, stairs are so much easier!

Enjoy a FREE Move Without Pain Private Club membership and watch the first class for free.

Would you like these problems solved?

  • Not knowing what to do: know the right things to do to get results
  • inability to be consistent: get expert weekly guidance to promote consistent effort
  • challenging schedule inhibits progress and learning: 24/7 access to review, practice, and master the movements
  • no resource to answer your questions: get your questions answered from an experienced professional every week

Learn all this from just the first 12 classes when you join the club as a paid member! New videos posted every week!

  1. Four truths/hydration
  2. Hip as a power source and a stabilizer/Sprouts
  3. Eccentric loading/breathing
  4. Don’t Isolate/Vitamins
  5. Whole Body Symmetry/Sleep
  6. Pelvic Core/Cheese
  7. Pelvic Floor/Essential Oils
  8. Tight vs Taut/Fiber
  9. Lifting/Stress
  10. Balance/Fructose
  11. Global Lifting/Fascia
  12. Gait > Walking/Soy

If you believe this knowledge and training will be of benefit to you and your goals, go ahead and join the club.

Annual membership includes:

  • 52 weekly movement teaching, movement workouts, AND geek corner classes
  • expert education in powerful truths behind human movement
  • separate movement workouts to follow along whenever your schedule allows
  • 52 weeks of access 24/7 to ALL health/pain tips (Geek Corner videos & Docs)
  • Your questions answered in the Q & A segment of the Geek Corner
  • ~78 hours of expert education to learn to move without pain: $60 value/class $3,120

Online Video Education:

  • Nourish Away Pain: Learn the 3 ways food promotes pain in your body. $149
  • Common Treatments for Pain: Know your risks/benefits of common treatments for pain. $149
  • What Works for Pain: Be empowered with what really works to become pain-free. $149

So, what are you waiting for? Attend your first class for free!

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