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Private Club Movement Videos

Here is where you will view all the truth/movement portions of the weekly classes. New classes are posted at 9 am EST each week and are listed with the most recent first. Please read the disclaimer for your safety.   Disclaimer

Each class is provided in two segments for your convenience: the Basic Truth/Movement Education in one segment and the Geek Corner in the other segment. The Geek Corner segments are on their own page; Geek Corner Videos.

The  PDF documents and all references/resources mentioned in the Health/Pain Tip of the Week and the Q & A are available for download on the Geek Corner Doc page.

It is highly recommended to watch the first class video before viewing any other class as the first class teaches sound movement truths that will be of benefit moving forward. These movements are also an introduction for your body to begin moving in a beneficial way. It is advisable to watch and practice the movement videos in chronological order as some movements build upon each other.

New Truth is 9 minutes in length. Movements begin ~9:00 (33 minutes)


Review/new fact is ~6 minutes in length. Movements begin ~6:00 (32 minutes)