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Free: Move Without Pain!

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Here is a helpful timeline if you want to watch for certain topics. See below for PDF docs to download.

  • The Truth, Teaching & Movement class begins with important and little known facts about human movement: how your body functions in real life, 3 plane movement, mobility and stability, how everything is connected, and the 3 main culprit areas that lead to pain.
  • 19:25 is where the movements begin to be taught and performed. This portion is ~35 minutes in length.
  • Learn the tweaks that are right for you, don’t do movements that cause pain.

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  • The Geek Corner begins with the Health/Pain Tip of the Week: why hydration is so important, the issues experienced when dehydrated, and how to improve your water intake in a practical and simple manner. This is 9 minutes in length.
  • 9:03 is where the Q & A begins to answer questions asked by private club members: inversion tables, how ankle mobility can affect neck symptoms, and a study of the effect of plank exercises for improving scoliosis. This is 10 minutes long.

Many people wrote to say they felt less pain and improved movement after this free class! It takes the right knowledge, encouragement, and consistency to resolve problems. The Private Club provides all that and more. Read an email sent from two people who have been using this one class to get out of pain!

My friend and I have been doing the exercises almost every morning at 7am ET since the Monday after the launch!  We have begun to experience being pain free for hours at a time!  My friend was being threatened with knee replacement surgery... she has decided against it (she was in so much pain that she didn't want to do it but had to at least think about it!) so we owe you since you have saved her thousands of dollars and weeks of attempting to heal! I got out of the car 2 Sundays ago, and was half way across the parking lot before I realized that I was not in pain, and that I had not done my obligatory stretches after getting out of the car!  This Move Without Pain is for Real... thank you for all that you do!

Here are the docs mentioned in the Geek Corner video:

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