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Many people wrote to say they felt less pain and improved movement after this class! It really takes the right knowledge, encouragement, and consistency to resolve problems. The Private Club provides all that and more.

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If you have not yet watched the first class, here are the highlights of what was taught and a helpful timeline if you want to watch again for certain topics.

  • The class begins with important truths about movement.
  • 19:25 is where the movements begin to be taught and performed. This portion is ~35 minutes in length.
  • 55:45 is where the Geek Corner begins with the Health/Pain Tip of the Week: Hydration. This is ~9 minutes in length.
  • 1:04:40 is where the Q & A begins, and this lasts for 10 minutes.

Here are the docs mentioned in the video:

Health/Pain Tip of the Week and References    Tip 1-Hydration      Ref Week #1

Q & A Scoliosis study   Q & A Ref Week 1: scoliosis, plank study

Important truths were shared regarding how your body is designed to move and function in real life.

  • 3 plane movement: forward & back, side to side, and turning right & left
  • Mobility (how much motion is available at each joint) and Stability (how well does the body part control your movement)
  • How everything is connected to everything else and why focusing on a body part does not fix the problem
  • The 3 main areas, if limited in mobility or stability, that can lead to pain almost anywhere: ankles, hips, trunk (thoracic spine/ribcage)

Movement was taught that is capable of restoring the power source in your body (hips) enabling you to improve both mobility and stability. I have heard from some of you that it has done just that. Practicing those movements daily for 10-15 repetitions may just help you with decreasing your pain. If you are able, performing them twice a day may be more impactful.

Remember the tweaks, don’t do movements that cause pain.

In the Geek Corner, you learned why hydration is so important, the issues experienced when dehydrated, and how to improve your water intake in a practical and simple manner. See PDF downloads above.

The Q & A covered topics such as inversion tables, how ankle mobility can affect neck symptoms, and a study of the effect of plank exercises for improving scoliosis. See download above.

Watch the 8 minute video to learn why I say everything is connected to everything else!

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