10 Day Move Without Pain Challenge!


Spend just 90 minutes a day for 10 days and change your life! You have nothing to lose except the pain. Recorded if you can’t make the live sessions.

Begins Thursday, September 17th at 12 pm EST.

Go to www.facebook.com/groups/mwp10daychallenge to join the challenge! Group opens for enrollment Sunday, September 13th at 9 am ET.




Every day of The Challenge You Discover Why Pain Happens and a Strategy to Resolve It...

Day 1: Assess your risk of degenerative disease AND learn how to find your pain culprits. First workout.

Day 2: Three ways food promotes pain in your body AND how to fight back. Resources for success.

Day 3: Four basic human movement truths. Second workout.

Day 4: The most common dietary source of pain. More resources.

Day 5: How your power source protects your knees, back, shoulders, and neck. Third workout.

Day 6: Why common treatments for pain often fail and what is effective to resolve pain. More resources.

Day 7: A workout that promotes full pain-free function in your body. Fourth workout.

Day 8: Rebalance your body to eliminate compensation that leads to pain. Self-care to erase pain.

Day 9: The 3 common culprit areas of your body that lead to pain. Fifth workout.

Day 10: How your core and hips can lead to urinary incontinence. More resources. Prizes!

Focus on yourself for just 10 days.

Do you have pain that keeps you from living your life the way you want? Do you dream about doing things you used to be able to do?

  • Take a long walk
  • Sleep uninterrupted by pain
  • Play with your grandkids

Learn simple motions that address the 3 culprit areas when it comes to pain and a whole lot more! Learn the secret to aging well...

This special 10-day challenge will walk you step by step in the strategies that work to eliminate pain and get your life back. Get rewarded with prizes for doing your homework!

You will get live instruction and your questions answered every day. Each day will be recorded in case you are unable to attend live.

There will be homework and PRIZES!! ALL this for just $27!


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