A Move Without Pain 6 Day Challenge!


St. Patrick’s Day Special! JUST $19 and BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE!

Begins Monday, March 8th at 12 pm Eastern/New York time. Share with those you care about with this flyer: MWP 6 Day Challenge Flyer

Spend just 90 minutes a day for 6 days and change your life. $1,000 in prizes awarded!! Hosted live in a private Facebook Group. Recorded if you can’t make the live sessions.

The private Facebook group will open to join on Friday, March 5 at 9 am Eastern time.  You will receive a link to join the group when it opens.



Focus on yourself for just 6 days. Be eligible to win a prize! $1,000 in prizes awarded to participants.

Do you have pain that keeps you from living your life the way you want? Do you dream about doing things you used to be able to do? Is it getting harder to ignore “old age”?

Are you able to:

  • Take a long walk without pain
  • Sleep uninterrupted by pain
  • Play with your grandkids

Past Participants:

  • I took Eileen’s Move Without Pain Challenge a month ago, and I highly recommend it. I fractured my spine a year ago due to severe osteoporosis, and have had chronic low back pain ever since. Since I have been doing the exercises daily, for about a month, I notice I have much less frequency and degree of pain. I plan to continue these exercises as they feel really good in my body, and I hope to be completely pain free someday, The course is fun and extremely informative. Go for it if you suffer from any pain at all.     Linda N
  • Definitely have learned a lot in the challenge to live a healthy and pain free life! Thank you! Am very excited about what I’ve learned…
  • Who would have thought having a hip issue could be a pain in the neck!! Literally!! Sooooo much info in that free chapter, Eileen! Thanks for teaching this important stuff!
  • I want to keep doing the routine we did yesterday for ever and the pelvic floor exercise too…
  • Understanding (really understanding) mobility and stability makes for a better workout. It explained a lot of my stumbling and balance.
  • The free chapter on Hip Pain had me rereading and underlining and calling my friends and family to get them in this class.
  • I love this information Eileen!! It has truly been life-changing for me to learn all this information about my hips!!! I love fitting in squats and foot slides here and there throughout each day now knowing that they are building my power source!!!
  • My culprits are my left knee and my left sciatica. The left knee feels better when I do a combination of all of the moves.

This special 6-day challenge walks you step by step through strategies that effectively impact pain, health, and the aging process.

  • 3 unique workouts to address pain culprits, pelvic floor, and more.
  • Every day of the challenge you will discover why pain or poor aging happens and a strategy to resolve it.
  • Learn how to locate your own pain culprit areas and a whole lot more!
  • Learn the secret to aging well.
  • Live instruction and your questions answered every day.
  • Recorded in case you miss the live sessions.
  • Get rewarded with prizes for doing your homework!

ALL this for just $19!

Every day of The Challenge You Discover Why Pain Happens, a Strategy to Resolve It, AND How to Age Well…

Day 1: Assess your pain score, your risk of degenerative disease AND learn how to find your pain culprits. First workout to begin resolving pain.

Day 2: Three ways food promotes pain in your body, the most common food that promotes pain, AND how to fight back.

Day 3: Four basic human movement truths, how your power source protects your knees, back, shoulders, and neck, and much more. Second workout to train and restore function effectively.

Day 4: Why common treatments for pain often fail and what is effective to resolve pain.

Day 5: The 3 common culprit areas of your body that lead to pain AND the need for disposable underwear.

Day 6: Rebalance your body to eliminate compensation that leads to pain AND how your core and hips can lead to urinary incontinence. More resources. Prizes!


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