MELT for Stress Reduction


Thursdays, April 29, May 6, 13 @ 6pm to 7:30 pm EASTERN/NEW YORK

Do you struggle with constant tension in your body? Or aches and pains? Or stiffness? Is your life full of things that keep you from experiencing a relaxed and pain-free life? The MELT Method will teach you how to acquire a pain-free state and erase the negative effects of stress.

You will learn how to hydrate and release your entire body, from face to toes, in this series!

Move Without Pain Private Club Paid Level Members request a $10 discount code for this class series at:

If you are currently out of work due to the global chaos, please email me. This class is free for you. You will need the MELT Soft Roller & MELT Large Soft Ball to learn the method and perform the techniques. Please see below.



Taught by an expert who sees people eliminate pain, regain health, and return to doing the things they love to do. This 3-class series is taught live on zoom. Class size is limited to ensure a quality learning experience. You are required to get on and off the floor to perform these techniques.  Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing and have a yoga mat and a water bottle available.

You will need a MELT Soft Roller (not the performance roller) and a MELT Soft Ball (from MELT Hand & Foot Treatment Kit) to participate in this class series and perform the techniques. Class size is limited to ensure a quality teaching and learning experience. The instructor demonstration will be recorded and available for viewing by class participants for 6 months to enable accurate practice. A link to join the live class will be emailed the day before the first class to registered participants. Please ensure you check your spam folder if you do not receive the link. Contact Eileen Kopsaftis if you have any questions.

Class 1 on April 29th is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, calm your mind, and help your entire nervous system function more efficiently. It’s also ideal for anyone dealing with headaches, TMJ, upper body tension, hip pain, and neck and low back pain. Practice this sequence whenever you want to help yourself return to a place of deep calm.

Class 2 on May 6th will help you say goodbye to all that stuck stress, starting with a foot treatment, ending with a neck release, and hitting up your back, shoulders, and arms with restorative rehydrating techniques in between. Tired, tense, and stiff? This session is perfect post-workout, post-workday, and anytime you need to reset into chill mode.

Class 3 on May 13th will capture some calm by paying special attention to chest tension with a sternal release technique to boost breath-work benefits and overall alignment. Perform this class first thing in the morning to start your day off grounded and relaxed, or up to an hour before bedtime to help you melt away stuck stress and breathe easier.


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