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Live Classes: Nourish Away Pain for Life!

Learn the facts behind chronic pain, disease, and good health and how they all relate to the food you put into your mouth.



Learn how to improve your health in ways you never imagined while enjoying a delicious four course meal at each class (recipes provided). Are you aware that what you put in your mouth can promote chronic pain conditions? Inflammatory conditions like arthritis/joint pain, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and even back pain? You may be surprised to learn that there are foods that actually fight these issues instead of promoting them, you just need to know which ones. Discover the relationship between disease and food, science-based facts about nutrition (not fads), food basics, what promotes disease/what fights disease, what really creates body fat, and much more. You will take practical steps, learning what to buy, prepare, or order when out, and enjoy foods that nourish your body and bring you to an ideal weight while greatly reducing your risk of (or may reverse if present) degenerative disease. You will receive hours of detailed information! A written manual (no need to take notes) is provided with references. Class participants decrease their degenerative disease risk scores by ~50% in just 3 weeks! This class is recommended by multiple medical specialties. You will be empowered for lifelong wellbeing!

This class also includes a one year Wellness Forum Membership! ($99 when purchased alone) WFH is the largest organization in the world that teaches people how to get well through Dietary ExcellenceTM and InforMED Healthcare Decision Making. Your membership provides access to extensive education and information regarding the type of doctor to choose, the diagnostic tests to have and not have done, and how to discern if the advice you're being given by health care practitioners is accurate and complete. Every day, new articles appear stating that drugs, supplements, diagnostic tests, and medical procedures that have been assumed to be safe and effective might not be either safe or effective. You can no longer afford to visit doctors and other health care providers and do what you're told. You need to be an informed consumer.

We promise this; if you join Wellness Forum Health your life will change. If you follow our recommendations, you’ll enjoy the best health you’ve ever experienced, and you're going to be an educated and savvy consumer of medical and other health-related services.

Please note: Hudson Valley Community Classes require registration by phone or online directly with HVCC. Do not pay here for HVCC classes. WFH membership is not included in the classes taught at HVCC.

This class is only available to purchase when it is scheduled to be taught. Currently there are only live Nourish Away Pain for Life classes taught at HVCC in the Fall and Spring semesters. If you would like to be notified of these classes contact HLW, LLC or sign up for the monthly newsletter which includes class schedules.


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