Exercise Away Urinary Incontinence Without Kegels!

You can’t consciously squeeze muscles and resolve incontinence. You need to work the muscles that support your bladder! This class will teach you how.

Class size is limited to ensure quality teaching.

4 class series taught live online 
Thursdays @ 6:30 pm Eastern/New York time. 

This class is taught through HVCC. 2/18/21-3/11/21. Register Here



Class comments:

  • Just 14 days from beginning the exercises: This has been working! I am on Day 2 of not wearing any pads and no ‘accidents’. I haven’t been brave enough to try it out in public yet but I have every confidence by the time I finish the program I will be able to go out without wearing a pad and not worry about having any issues. 😉
  • I have been taking your pelvic floor class. I am very glad I signed up for your class and I do feel it is helping. I find I really like doing the exercises along with you on your videos. I also enjoyed the information that you share.
  • Excellent instructions, descriptions and demonstrations. Ample opportunity to ask questions.
  • Loved being able to both hear and see the motions as they are being taught and then immediately performing the motions in a work out.
  • The best part is how Eileen balanced the educational part with the experiential part

Favorite class?

  • I liked the second class because Eileen explained the anatomy and I found that to be very helpful.
  • My favorite class is the first class because those were my favorite movements. The Q&A in the last class about the sympathetic and parasympathetic and anxiety/panic peeing was very helpful.

Kegels exercises are only the first sentence in a whole book about how to effectively address incontinence issues. You can consciously work the sphincter muscles in an attempt to control leakage, but you cannot “think about” strengthening your pelvic floor. Kegels are useless for this task.

Since supporting your bladder as it fills with urine and gets heavier is what your pelvic floor must do to keep you continent, isn’t it critical to strengthen your pelvic floor?

You may be asking, “How do I do that?”

This class, taught live, is your answer. Learn from an expert in movement and pelvic floor function who has been helping patients and clients resolve chronic issues for decades. You will need to purchase a red Pelvic Core Pro from Pelvic Solutions.com in order to perform what is taught in this class. Choose silver if you are strong and athletic. Yes, athletes can have weak pelvic floors too!


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