Intro to Move Without Pain!

This 3 class series is scheduled for Thursdays at 7:30 pm Eastern/New York time on Oct 1, 8, 15.

This series is taught through HVCC this fall. Go HERE to register.



Class comment:

  • I got out of the car 2 Sundays ago, and was half way across the parking lot before I realized that I was not in pain, and that I had not done my obligatory stretches after getting out of the car! This Move Without Pain is for Real... thank you for all that you do!

Everything is connected to everything else! Learn what this means when it comes to movement, lifting, exercising, sports performance, and living your life free of pain. Your knee pain could be caused by your hip or ankle not functioning correctly. Your back pain could be happening because your hip is weak in one or more planes of motion. Your shoulder or neck may be experiencing pain because your back lacks stability. Learn to address the true cause of your pain; don’t just chase the symptoms.

This is an education in movement taught by an expert to help you build a firm foundation for strong, pain free mobility. This class series teaches how to develop your hips as a power source to protect your knees, back, shoulders, and much more so you can move without pain. Modifications are emphasized for successful pain-free practice. You will receive a written manual via email for independent use at home. Wear comfortable, loose clothing for ease of movement. All movements are done on your feet; no need to get on and off the floor.

Contact Eileen Kopsaftis if you have any questions.


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