MELT Away Pain Without Drugs!

This three-class series will teach you MELT Maps™ to help start your day, address pain, and relieve stress before bedtime.

This series is scheduled for Thursdays @ 7 pm EST on Oct 22, 29, Nov 5.

Taught through HVCC this fall. Go HERE to register.



When asked what was best about an online MELT class:

  • "Releasing my neck with the move where we tilted our chins slightly down to elongate the back of the neck! You mentioned it's like what massage therapists do."
  • "feeling results after doing the techniques"
  • "The decrease in pain I felt right after we were done!"
  • "Getting feedback. And a video so I can practice."

This three-class series will teach you MELT Maps™ to help start your day, address pain, and relieve stress before sleep.

  • Morning Wake Up: Also ideal for anxiety, low back pain, tight hips, upper body tension, or foot pain.
  • Neck & Low Back Pain Relief: Also great for tight hips and hamstrings, upper back stiffness, or rounded posture.
  • Bedtime: Also designed for anyone who has trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or consistently wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

The MELT Method™ is a unique approach that directly impacts your neurofascial system, bringing your body back to a more ideal state of balance. You will perform specific techniques that create global, lasting changes in your body. You will see and feel a difference immediately! Taught by an expert who has seen her patient’s benefit in profound ways.

You will need a MELT Hand & Foot Treatment Kit and a MELT Soft Roller (not the performance roller) to participate in class and perform the techniques. You will be required to get on and off the floor. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and have a yoga/exercise mat.

This course is taught remotely via Zoom. You will receive a Hudson Valley username and password to access the course once registered.

Class size is limited to ensure a quality teaching and learning experience. Each class will be recorded and available for viewing by class participants for one full week to enable accurate practice.

Contact Eileen Kopsaftis if you have any questions.


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