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Learn MELT for Pain, Grip, Balance, and Gait online!

Join the class using Zoom. It’s easier than Skype. If you have pain, you must learn how to heal and repair your connective tissue. Experience changes the very first time you MELT!  Decrease pain, improve grip, balance, and gait in your first class. Class size is limited to ensure a quality learning experience.




MELT can improve your golf swing or any swinging sport like tennis, or baseball. It can also improve your balance, how you walk, and even help with neuropathy, carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitis! Learn how to decompress the joints in your feet and hands (including shearing, gliding, rinsing, and friction) using specialized small balls of different sizes and densities.

MELT can change how your knees, low back, shoulders, elbows, hands, and neck feel while decreasing stress from poor proprioception in your hands and feet. Your body needs to have efficient communication with your brain so your brain can direct your muscles to move without pain. MELT improves proprioceptive communication the first time you perform the techniques!

There is even a MELT 50-second facelift! If you have pain or decreased sensation it is most likely that your neurofascial system is in need of repair. Taught by an expert who has seen success with her patients regarding many issues (neuropathy, balance impairment, chronic pain). All techniques are done in sitting and standing. There is no need to get on and off the floor.

This is a three-class series to ensure you become proficient in this powerful self-care method. Access the class using zoom. A link to join the class will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. A reminder will be sent the day before each class begins.


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