MELT Neurostrength!

If you have been MELTing a while, you are ready to acquire these advanced skills in your self-care strategies. This 3 class series is not for beginners.

Taught live online through HVCC. Thursdays 4/8/21-4/22/21 at 6:30 pm EASTERN.

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If you have practiced MELT for a while and want to go deeper in your knowledge and skills, this 3 class series will teach you to restore the timing of your deep stabilizing muscles in your pelvis, your hips, and your shoulders. Learn advanced MELT Reintegrate and Repatterning techniques to resolve chronic pain, reduce your risk of injury no matter your sport or activity, and age well. This class is not for beginners.

This 3 class series teaches:

  1. MELT Neurocore Stability Sequence: Use this powerful sequence to increase core stability and control to help improve the functioning of your Reflexive Core and Rooted Core systems to help stabilize, support, and protect your organs and spine during movement.
  2. MELT Lower Body Stability Sequence: This powerful sequence increases hip stability. If you’re an athlete, add this to your training routine to improve the timing of your hips and glutes. Help your lower body function optimally.
  3. MELT Upper Body Stability Sequence: This powerful sequence increases shoulder stability. This sequence is a must for anyone who wants to improve their posture, plays swing sports like tennis, golf, and baseball, as well as anyone who lifts weights.


The MELT MethodTM is a unique approach that directly impacts your neurofascial system, bringing your body back to a more ideal state of balance. This series requires a specialized MELT soft foam roller and a MELT Performance Band to perform specific techniques that create global, lasting changes in your body. You will see and feel a difference immediately! Taught by an expert who has seen her patients and clients benefit in profound ways.


Purchase the MELT Soft Roller (OR performance) and MELT Performance Band from You will be required to get on and off the floor. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and have a water bottle and a yoga/exercise mat ready.


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