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These classes will teach you how to move without pain, how to develop your hips as a power source to protect your knees, back, etc. and much more. You may have heard me say “everything is connected to everything else”. These classes teach what that really means when it comes to movement, lifting, exercising, sports performance, and living your life. Get access to ALL posted classes and documents 24/7  from day one. 



Special introductory pricing returns 7/21/20 @ 7 pm EST for a limited time!

24/7 Access to ALL posted classes from day one. New weekly class instruction posted every Tuesday.

Learn good things from an expert who teaches people how to eliminate pain, regain health, and return to doing the things they love to do every day. This weekly class focuses on improving, restoring, and/or maintaining functional pain-free motion in your body so you can age well, enhance your sports performance, prevent injury, and so much more. All classes are always available 24/7 once posted on the private members-only site. The club is based on the Move Without Pain program which teaches how your body is designed to move as well as where problem areas love to live that lead to chronic pain and limited movement or loss of strength. Each class provides a specific truth about movement, detailed instruction in movements that physically teach that truth as well as how to modify motions for painful or limited issues. Benefits include a Health/Pain tip of the week and Q & A to get your questions answered. Active members can email questions to A what's next notice is sent each week with the outline for that week's class and a reminder link to submit questions.

  • The price is only $297 for 52 weeks of training (just $5.71/class) AND over $1299 of bonus education material.

It is free to view the first class to see if this is right for you.

In the first class you will learn about: 

  • 3 plane motion
  • mobility and stability
  • How everything is connected to everything else
  • 3 main areas in your body, if lacking mobility or stability, that can lead to chronic pain

The movements you will learn in the first class are:

  • Warm-up with square stance matrix
  • Calf stretch matrix
  • Hip stretch matrix
  • Posterior squats XX
  • Foot slides
  • Cross arm squats
  • Basic step matrix

The first class Tip of the Week: You will learn why water is so important and a practical strategy to improve your intake.

The first class Q & A: I answer questions about inversion tables, how your ankles can lead to neck pain, and how scoliosis can be improved with a side plank.

Here are just a few comments from people about the class.

  • My friend and I have been doing the exercises almost every morning at 7 am ET since the Monday after the launch! We have begun to experience being pain-free for hours at a time!  My friend was being threatened with knee replacement surgery... she has decided against it (she was in so much pain that she didn't want to do it but had to at least think about it!) so we owe you since you have saved her thousands of dollars and weeks of attempting to heal!
  • I did the class you offered yesterday, and it really affected my left hip/leg in a very helpful and profound way!!  My left great toe has been in its correct position all day today instead of pointing toward my other toes like usual.  That’s pretty amazing!  
  • I got out of the car 2 Sundays ago, and was halfway across the parking lot before I realized that I was not in pain and that I had not done my obligatory stretches after getting out of the car! This Move Without Pain is for Real... thank you for all that you do!
  • I had some neck pain from martial arts and after doing the class it was much better!
  • I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on stabilizing my hips and strengthening my back and minimizing the pain.   (I awoke with no pain today!)

Annual membership includes:

  • A free copy of my book Pain Culprits! (publication 2020)
  • 52 weeks of access 24/7 to ALL classes from day one
  • expert education in powerful truths behind human movement
  • 52 weeks of access 24/7 to ALL health/pain tips (Geek Corner videos & Docs)
  • Your questions answered

Online Video Education worth $1299:

  • Nourish Away Pain: Learn the 3 ways food promotes pain in your body. $149
  • Common Treatments for Pain: Know your risks/benefits of common treatments for pain. $149
  • What Works for Pain: Be empowered with what really works to become pain-free. $149
  • Nourish Your Body for Lifelong Wellbeing: 10-hour video series including resources. $397

AND the entire Facts Behind Pain Online Video series: $89 each

So, what are you waiting for? Attend your first class for free and you will want to...

Join the Move Without Pain Private Club.

Because life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured!


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