Women’s Health Facts!

Being female is NOT a medical diagnosis.

Two class series taught live online Thursdays @ 6:30 pm Eastern/New York time. 

This class is taught live online through HVCC Feb 4 and 11. Register here.



Join us for facts about what only women experience! We will discuss PMS, breast health, menopause, hot flashes, fibrous cysts, bone health, and much more. From conception to death we have different needs, experiences, and challenges influenced by our gender.

Being female has led to more and more diagnostic tests and medical procedures over the past few years. From mammograms to pap smears to hormone replacement therapy; women are barraged with advice on how to prevent this and treat that.

It’s as if being female is a medical diagnosis!

Are all these tests beneficial or is there any potential harm? This class is a resource to show you how to optimize your health and avoid healthcare pitfalls. It is based on sound evidence; to clarify what is actually working to protect women’s health and what is not working and may even be harmful. Learn what the data says so you can make informed decisions.

Receive a copy of “Being Female is Not a Medical Diagnosis; Navigating a Woman’s Healthcare World” filled with details to help you be an informed healthcare consumer.

This class is taught through Hudson Valley Community College in a live online video platform.


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