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Nourish Away Pain for Life!

Live Classes at Hudson Valley Community College offered 2x/year OR Virtual Nourish Away Pain for Life Course with online access at your convenience.

Nourish away pain and chronic conditions in your body for lifelong wellbeing! This information has been recommended by oncologists, medical doctors and healthcare professionals in multiple specialties.

Would you like to learn how to lose weight without hunger, counting calories, or portion control and keep it off? Would you like to move without joint pain?Would you like to battle your diabetes and win?  Would you like to eliminate digestive issues? Would you like to have enough energy to do all the things you want to do? If so, this class series will empower you with accurate food facts and show you how to practically apply them to your life.

Don’t wait! Learn how to nourish your body for health in three live consecutive weekly classes AND enjoy a tasty 4 course meal every week! Recipes are included! Not enough time for a three week commitment? Take the Virtual Nourish Away Pain Online Class to watch when you choose, where you choose on any device.

Don’t just manage disease with medications and surgeries. Chronic disease progresses unless you actively work with your healthcare provider to regain your health. Yes, the information you will learn works and yes, you can do this. You can have lifelong wellbeing!

How will you do this?
You will take practical steps, learning how to shop, prepare, order, and enjoy foods that nourish your body and bring you to an ideal weight while greatly reducing your risk of (or may reverse if present) degenerative disease.

Nourish Away Pain for Life classes are a way to improve your health and your life. You may be surprised to learn that certain foods can create pain in the body. Knowledge about how foods work to create health or disease can empower you to eliminate pain, decrease or eliminate the need for medications (with medical supervision), and allow you to achieve (and keep) a healthy weight.

Class participants decrease disease risk scores by an average of 50% in just 3-4 weeks!

These affordable classes include:
Live Class Series: live classes include fabulous four course meals with recipes, a written manual (no need to take notes), and a recipe booklet with easy to make, tasty meals!  Virtual Class Series: includes access to online videos, PDF manual, and recipes.                                                                                                         Join us and discover how to look and feel better than good! Call 518-496-1265 for more information. 

Move Without Pain!

Move Without Pain Live Classes at Hudson Valley Community College offered 2x/year OR Online Private Instruction

  • Move Without Hip Pain
  • Move Without Shoulder Pain
  • Move Without Knee Pain
  • Move Without Back Pain

Functional movement without pain! Move Without Pain can be learned in a class setting or a private one on one session via online video.

Move Without Pain Training is designed to help your body re-establish pain free movement. The training is based on my certification in Applied Functional ScienceTM which has been taught to practitioners and trainers by the Gray Institute for decades. Your core is actually from your nose to your toes and every movement you make creates a chain reaction in your body. Note: Move Without Pain is not a course designed by the Gray Institute and I am not an instructor for the Gray Institute.

Did you know that decreased mobility in the ankle can cause a shoulder issue for pitchers? Or that your knee is rarely the problem? It’s usually the hip or ankle forcing extra stress on the knee. Your knee is a fairly simple hinge joint (like a door) and it is at the mercy of the hip and the ankle.

Did you know if your rib cage has limited rotation this can lead to low back pain, hip pain, neck pain and more?! Discover how the body really works and get all those wonderful muscles and joints working in unison the way they were designed to do, without pain!

Move Without Pain will introduce you to the concept of functional movement in all 3 planes of motion and how to “tweak in” or “tweak out” to enhance function and turn off pain or improve sports performance. You will then progress your knowledge and learn matrix movements for lifelong functional strength and pain-free well-being.

Learn: basic anatomy, common diagnoses and medical treatments, potential cause(s), and effective self-care. These class series are part power point teaching and part live movement education. All movements are done in sitting and standing; no need to get on the floor. You will develop the skills to achieve healthy motion for a lifetime of pain-free living!

Move Without Pain will ensure you achieve pain-free movement and lifelong success! Call 518-496-1265 for more information and/or to schedule a private session.

MELT Away Pain with the MELT MethodTM

Live Classes at Hudson Valley Community College offered 2x/year OR Online Private Instruction

Created by Sue Hitzmann, the MELT Method is recommended by Albany’s Center for Rheumatology for successful treatment of chronic pain.

MELT can be learned in a class setting at Hudson Valley Community College or in private one on one sessions via online video.

The MELT Method is a way to self treat pain, dysfunction, and postural imbalances. Your connective tissue is a most amazing structure and when it is hydrated and healthy you feel wonderful. When it is dehydrated and compressed you feel pain and your movement is stiff and limited. You will discover how imbalances in your body are created and how they produce pain and limit mobility. You will also learn how to self treat these imbalances, as a manual therapist would do, but in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule. You will see and feel a difference the very first time you MELT! Have fun and feel better!

MELT for Pain, Grip, Balance, and Gait!
Learn The MELT MethodTM Hand & Foot Treatments to address pain locally and globally. This is not acupressure or massage, but a very powerful method that hydrates, lengthens, decompresses, and improves the efficiency of your connective tissue. You will see and feel a difference immediately!

MELT can improve your golf swing or any swinging sport like tennis, or baseball. It can also improve your balance, how you walk, and even help with neuropathy, carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitis! Learn how to decompress the joints in your feet and hands (including shearing, gliding, rinsing, and friction) using specialized small balls of different sizes and densities. MELT can change how your knees, low back, shoulders, elbows, hands, and neck feel as well as improve your grip, your balance, and how you walk. There is even a MELT 50-second facelift!

If you have pain or decreased sensation it is most likely that your neurofascial system is in need of repair. Taught by an expert who has seen success with her patients regarding many issues (neuropathy, balance impairment, chronic pain). All techniques are done in sitting and standing. Diet and exercise are important, but they don’t address this all-important system.

You can learn to MELT your hands and feet easily and quickly; even in your office!

MELT Away Back, Hip, Neck, or Shoulder Pain Without Drugs!

Learn how to use The MELT Soft Foam Roller to completely change your postural alignment in just minutes! You will feel pain MELT away right in class! Be empowered to self-treat your body for a lifetime.

If you have pain it is most likely that your connective tissue is in need of repair. Are you uncomfortable lying on your back? Do you have trouble finding a comfortable position in which to sleep? You may have imbalances in your masses (parts touching the floor) and spaces (part off the floor). The MELT Method rebalances you to allow pain free positioning and function. Diet and exercise are very important but they do not address injured fascial tissue!

The MELT Method is a unique approach that directly impacts your neurofascial system, bringing your body back to a more ideal state of balance. You will learn to use a specialized MELT soft foam roller to perform specific techniques that create global, lasting changes in your body. Taught by an expert who has seen her patient’s benefit in profound ways for years.

This class series will teach you how to decompress your neck and back, rehydrate and lengthen fascial lines, and restore postural balance and symmetry. There are even techniques to address cellulite!

MELT Away Back Pain!

This comprehensive class will allow you to directly affect the areas that lead to chronic back pain. Your postural symmetry, habits, and positions throughout your day lead to ‘stuck stress’ and imbalances that create pain. You will learn how to access the fascial lines that become dehydrated and compressed due to prolonged sitting and desk/computer work, repetitive motions, texting, sports, or even playing musical instruments. You will treat your body using a specially designed MELT small soft ball and a MELT soft foam roller to rebalance, rehydrate, and decompress your neurofascial system.

This class series will teach you, step by step, the 4-Week MELT Back Pain Treatment Plan. This plan was reported in a clinical trial to significantly relieve chronic low back pain and improve flexibility in just 4 weeks!

MELT Away Pain & Stress! 

Do you struggle with constant tension in your body? Or aches and pains? Or stiffness? Is your life full of things that keep you from experiencing a relaxed and pain-free life? This class will teach you how to acquire a pain-free state and erase the negative effects of stress. Learn the skills to perform this method, using a specially designed soft foam roller and small soft ball, in the comfort of your own home for a lifetime of pain-free living. This class requires you to be able to get on and off the floor to perform the techniques.

MELT Away the Desk Sentence! 

Do you sit at a desk all day and battle pain on a daily basis? Are you stiff when you get up? This class will teach you how to acquire a pain-free state and erase the negative effects of sitting all day. You will leave with the skills to reverse the damage that prolonged sitting can do to your body. This class does require you to be able to get on and off the floor to perform the techniques.

Call 518-496-1265 for more information and/or to schedule a private session.

Total Motion ReleaseTM 

Live Online Private Instruction OR Online Platform Education

Total Motion ReleaseTM (TMR), developed by Tom Dalonzo-Baker, can quickly reduce any pain or injury using just one or two simple motions. It can reduce even the most stubborn pain. Maybe you have a pain from a sport injury or from typing on the computer. Maybe you have no clue why it hurts. This class will teach you how to test specific motions and exercise them in a way that addresses imbalances in your body.

Total Motion ReleaseTM works on musculoskeletal or joint pain, hamstring (or any muscle) strain or stress, restriction or dysfunction. Your pain can be a chronic issue, an acute issue, an issue from surgery or injury, or an issue that is neurological in nature. You will also learn why your pain keeps coming back (if it does) and how to prevent that. Once Total Motion ReleaseTM is learned, you have a pain and injury relief tool to use for the rest of your life!

This method can be learned in one on one private lessons (via online live video) or in an online platform; all in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Call 518-496-1265 for more information and/or to schedule a private session.