Individual Services

Manual Physical Therapy
Eileen Kopsaftis is a highly skilled, licensed physical therapist who looks at your entire body, not just body parts. If you are experiencing pain anywhere in your body you may be surprised to learn that where the pain is isn't usually the culprit; it's the victim. Your shoulder pain may be caused by a low back restriction causing your muscles to pull your shoulder joint out of alignment creating abnormal stress and strain. Fixing the low back restriction restores proper alignment of the shoulder and the pain goes away. Restrictions in your neck could be causing your low back pain. You may not feel pain in your neck but those restrictions may be forcing your back to do more than it is designed to do and this becomes pain that seems to come out of nowhere. Eileen's skills in manual treatment have been developed since 1994 and she is very effective in helping her patients to resolve the core issue and restore pain-free movement. Call Brunswick Physical Therapy at 518-326-9273 for more information or to schedule an evaluation. We accept most insurance plans.

Health Consulting
If you are suffering from the symptoms of digestive disorders, the pain of arthritis, or the worry of heart disease, you will benefit in profound ways from private one-on-one sessions with Eileen Kopsaftis. She has been extensively trained by top medical experts in regards to eliminating/reversing or preventing health issues by changing how you nourish your body. Symptoms such as migraines, fibromyalgia pain, joint pain, gas/bloating, diarrhea/constipation, chronic fatigue, and more are heavily influenced by the food choices you make every day. Type 2 diabetes is a food-borne illness that you eat your way into which means you can eat your way out. Cancer is actually promoted by certain foods and you can inhibit it as well by what you eat. Eileen will explain in detail pertaining to your specific situation and guide you every step of the way to restoring health. Call 518-496-1265 or email for more information or to schedule a consult.