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Private Consulting Services: 3 Options

Long Distance Pain Consulting

Experience a full assessment and guidance in the following methods and concepts (one, two, or all three) based on your specific needs to learn the #1 reason why your pain is not going away. Any needs that would benefit from seeking an expert in your location will be addressed. My four-prong approach works!

Move Without Pain training allows you to uncover the true culprit of your pain issues (if not nutritional) and address the culprit instead of beating up the victim. You will learn how to restore 3 plane motion in your body to alleviate the painful body part that is suffering because of another part not doing its job. Six week and twelve week programs are available to move you to successful resolution and pain-free function if your issues are chronic and require extensive training to resolve. Have a challenging schedule? The program will be tailored to meet your scheduling needs. No overwhelm!

The MELT Method empowers you to address compressed and dehydrated connective tissue; restoring postural symmetry and balance. You will be instructed in MELT moves that correct imbalances that often lead to chronic pain. Immediate changes are seen and felt the first time you MELT.

Total Motion Release equips you to treat your own pain and is successful immediately 80% of the time. TMR works on musculoskeletal or joint pain, hamstring (or any muscle) strain or stress, restriction or dysfunction. Your pain can be a chronic issue, an acute issue, an issue from surgery or injury, or an issue that is neurological in nature.

Written materials (exercises, motions, movements) that are taught and require a home program to resolve issues or maintain success will be emailed for viewing at home. The majority of those who have this consult experience a dramatic improvement in their symptoms and many are pain-free by the end of the session. Here are two examples:

“I can’t tell you what that one session with you did for me. Before Tuesday night, my knees hurt each time I stood up, when I walked and when I went up and down stairs. I had just gotten used to the way they felt and continued to work out while paying attention to them so as not to make it worse.

And just like that – I’m walking normal – not anticipating pain or paying close attention to each foot strike. I was able to just walk up the stairs to my office this morning. And even my group of “fit club” folks I lead at work at lunch time were astounded as I practically ran down the stairs heading outside for our workout – where before I would hold on to the rail and carefully walk down as to not exacerbate the pain in my knees. During our regular workout today, I was able to do the lunges along with everyone else (I have typically done a modifier) without pain.

This comment was sent by a 12 week program consult after her first session beyond the initial consultation. “! I don’t know what kind of voodoo you are selling, but I have to say I already feel so much better! Can’t believe the difference in my walk. Hadn’t realized that my right hip doesn’t move until it was free yesterday. Had the most comfortable round of golf in years this morning. And we are just starting! So excited!”

Of course, long-standing issues often require a commitment of more than one session to be permanently resolved. The six week and twelve week programs are offered to meet your unique needs in a comprehensive way. Call 518-496-1265 or email for more information or to schedule a consult. Requires paperwork submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled consult time. An initial comprehensive consultation is just $195. Purchase here.

Hands on Physical Therapy

Eileen Kopsaftis is a highly skilled, licensed physical therapist who looks at your entire body, not just body parts. If you are experiencing pain anywhere in your body you may be surprised to learn that where the pain is isn’t usually the culprit; it’s the victim.

Your shoulder pain may be caused by a low back restriction causing your muscles to pull your shoulder joint out of alignment creating abnormal stress and strain. Fixing the low back restriction restores proper alignment of the shoulder and the pain goes away.

Restrictions in your neck could be causing your low back pain. You may not feel pain in your neck but those restrictions may be forcing your back to do more than it is designed to do and this becomes pain that seems to come out of nowhere.

Here are just two examples of the results of working with Eileen:

It has been many weeks since my last treatment and I wanted to let you know I am enjoying a very physically active spring/summer. Hiking and biking I have no limits with my hip. The discomfort I have on occasion is minuscule compared to what I had and that seems to creep in when I don’t perform the “melt” or stretch programs you prescribed. (feel so good I skip them sometimes) Hard to believe how limited I was before treatment! Really didn’t expect this much improvement based on the diagnosis of moderate arthritis and the comment “when it becomes so bad it limits your lifestyle a hip replacement is warranted.” Again, thank you very much and I really appreciate having access to the knowledge/skills you have.

Eileen is a master of whole body makeover. The combination of manual therapy, MELT therapy, and nutritional education and within 2 weeks of beginning working with her I felt like I was in a different (and better) body. I followed her instructions and I am so happy with the results! Just keeps getting better. Thank you, Eileen!

Eileen’s skills in manual treatment have been developed since 1994 and she is very effective in helping her patients to resolve the core issue and restore pain-free movement. Call Brunswick Physical Therapy at 518-326-9273 for more information or to schedule an evaluation. We accept most insurance plans.

Health Consulting

If you are suffering from the symptoms of digestive disorders, the pain of arthritis, or the worry of heart disease, you will benefit in profound ways from private one-on-one sessions with Eileen Kopsaftis. She has been extensively trained by top medical experts in regards to eliminating/reversing or preventing chronic health issues by changing how you nourish your body.

Symptoms such as migraines, fibromyalgia pain, joint pain, gas/bloating, diarrhea/constipation, chronic fatigue, and more are heavily influenced by the food choices you make every day. Type 2 diabetes is a food-borne illness that you eat your way into which means you can eat your way out. Cancer is actually promoted by certain foods and you can inhibit it as well by what you eat. Even advanced cardiovascular conditions respond well to changes in diet.

Here is what one person has to say about these services:

In 2011 I was plagued with UTI’s; I was on antibiotics 7 times that year. I also began suffering from bladder spasms. I wasn’t always in pain but I was always uncomfortable and uncertain as to when the next wave of spasms would hit. The anxiety only made my symptoms worse. I saw a specialist who gave me a possible Interstitial Cystitis diagnosis but no help. I was still nursing so medications were not an option. A friend directed me to Eileen. For the first time I had hope. She taught me how to nourish my body and correct the years of damage I had done. She gave me the tools and resources to reclaim my life and live again. Following Eileen’s guidelines resulted in immediate weight loss. I went from a size 14 to a 6 in a few months. I no longer suffer from bladder spasms or UTI’s. I feel so much better. My husband has also lost weight and no longer takes medication for high cholesterol, asthma, or acid reflux.

Eileen will explain in detail pertaining to your specific situation and guide you every step of the way to restoring health. Call 518-496-1265 or email for more information or to schedule a consult. One full year of guidance, including a one year membership to Wellness Forum Health, is just $485. Purchase here.